Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities in Mobile Applications and Services

Summary: From on-line gaming to user generated videos and Internet TV to social networking to tweeting, there has been an explosion of innovative applications and services on the Internet truly revolutionizing the life of millions across the globe. Simultaneously, various new enterprise applications have sprung up based on the Internet, fundamentally changing business practices and productivity. With the evolution of wireless broadband networks, the imminent rollout of 4G networks, and the release and adoption of smart phones, smart books and net books, the question is: Are we at the beginning of a new set of mobile applications and services, made even more transformative than the Internet applications by the immediacy, personalization, and location awareness afforded by mobile devices? This panel will discuss future trends in mobile consumer and enterprise applications, including interactive video applications, augmented reality, location aware mobile gaming, and social networking, and enterprise applications like mobile medicine and mobile education. The panel will investigate whether current and next generation wireless networks, and associated backhaul, storage, and computing infrastructures, will be capable of handling these new mobile applications, discuss the challenges, and suggest opportunities for new mobile applications and networking research and development.

Organizer and Moderator: Sujit Dey, UC San Diego/Ortiva Wireless


  • Jay Pabley, Sprint Nextel
  • Alka Roy, AT&T Wireless
  • Jeffrey Foerster, Intel
  • Jay Iyer, Cisco
  • Serhad Doken, InterDigital
  • Paul Steinberg, Motorola